Shirobako: The Movie – A Conversation

Shirobako is a Japanese anime series that was produced by P.A. Works and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. It follows the lives of a group of young women working in the anime industry, and tells the story of their struggles and triumphs as they pursue their dreams of creating anime.

It is possible that “Shirobako: The Movie – A Conversation” refers to a movie that is related to the Shirobako series. It is not uncommon for popular anime series to receive a movie adaptation, either as a continuation of the story or as a standalone story set in the same universe. Without more information, it is difficult to say what this movie might be about, but it is possible that it could be a discussion or behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Shirobako anime series. If you are a fan of the Shirobako series, you may want to look for more information about this movie to see what it is about and when it might be available.

gaussian_: The movie opens with us realizing Musashino Animation has completely fallen by the wayside. Starting the movie at a pretty bleak point, in contrast to the happy ending of the original series, was definitely a bold move and sets the hook well. This opening portion, which covers approximately the first third of the movie, is a fantastic piece of work in terms of setting the tone. You can really feel the struggles and pain of working in the industry when things go south, despite your best efforts.

anime-prime: I felt the beginning was the best portion of the film. The characters and story had room to shine, and the film really evokes empathy from the viewers.

gaussian_: Honestly, from how harshly realistic this portion of the movie seems to be, I have to wonder if it’s based on real life experiences of the staff. While P.A. Works has been quite successful since their founding, I’m certain staff members had experience in other studios which may have met a fate similar to Musashino Animation.

anime-prime: I was thinking something similar, as if perhaps this movie all along was the ultimate meta, self-referential anime. The main plot of the movie (which is introduced in its second third) deals with making an animated film in ten months, which the characters complain is too short of a timeframe. It would be unlikely, though amusing, to learn that this film had the same backstory.

gaussian_: Thinking in terms of when this movie was being made, P.A. Works was struggling through the production of Fairy Gone, which was not considered a critical success by many. Perhaps it was nothing more than channeling P.A. Works’ frustrations into the movie.


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