Huangjin Tingyuan: Dongri Li de Xinnian Yuanwang

Huangjin Tingyuan: Dongri Li de Xinnian Yuanwang follows the daily life of a young girl named Huangjin and her pet rabbit, Dongri. The show takes a slice-of-life approach, depicting the everyday activities that the two engage in.

What sets the anime apart is its ability to capture the beauty of the bond between Huangjin and Dongri. The show depicts their relationship as one of love and understanding, and their moments together are heartwarming and beautiful.


The anime’s two main characters are Huangjin and Dongri. Huangjin is a kind and caring girl who loves her rabbit dearly. She is patient and understanding, and her love for Dongri is evident in every interaction they have.

Dongri is an adorable and mischievous rabbit who loves to play and explore. Despite his occasional antics, he is incredibly endearing and has a way of winning over viewers’ hearts.


Huangjin Tingyuan: Dongri Li de Xinnian Yuanwang boasts beautiful animation that perfectly captures the show’s serene and calming atmosphere. The backgrounds are lush and detailed, and the character designs are adorable and expressive.

The animators involved in the show’s creation have done a remarkable job of bringing the characters and their world to life. The attention to detail and the care put into each frame is evident in every episode.


The anime’s soundtrack is serene and calming, perfectly complementing the show’s peaceful tone. The music is beautiful and understated, allowing viewers to focus on the beauty of the show’s visuals and the relationship between Huangjin and Dongri.


Huangjin Tingyuan: Dongri Li de Xinnian Yuanwang is a beautiful and heartwarming anime that captures the beauty of the bond between a young girl and her pet rabbit. The show’s stunning animation, lovable characters, and peaceful tone make it a must-watch for anime fans of all ages.

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