Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible

“Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura. The manga follows the life of Kubo Yuzu, a young woman who is working as an assistant to a mangaka (manga artist). Despite her passion for manga, Kubo-san is constantly being bossed around and made fun of by her coworkers. However, she soon discovers that the key to standing up for herself lies within her own strength and determination.

The anime adaptation has not been officially announced, but it has gained popularity among manga readers and fans of the series are eagerly awaiting its release. The manga series has received positive reviews for its unique story and relatable characters, as well as Higashimura’s signature comedic style. If an anime adaptation does get produced, fans can expect a heartwarming and humorous story about friendship, perseverance, and finding one’s voice in a challenging work environment.

High school student Junta Shiraishi has a simple goal—to live a fulfilling youth. However, achieving this goal appears to be harder than expected, as everyone in his surroundings often fails to notice him due to his lack of presence. In fact, Shiraishi’s lack of presence is so severe that people think his seat in class is always empty, and mistakenly assume that he often skips school. There is even a weird rumor spreading around in class, claiming that those who successfully spot Shiraishi will be blessed with good fortune for the day.

So far, the only person who notices his existence is Nagisa Kubo, the girl seated next to him. Unfortunately for him though, Kubo likes to tease him on a daily basis and often puts him into unprecedented and nerve-wracking situations. However, as Kubo’s playful antics continue to involve the reluctant Shiraishi, he may soon discover that his youth might not be as boring as he initially thought.

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