The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2

Second season of Mahoutsukai no Yome.Mahoutsukai no Yome, also known as The Ancient Magus’ Bride, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kore Yamazaki. The story follows a young girl named Chise Hatori, who is sold at an auction to a mysterious mage named Elias Ainsworth. He becomes her master and teacher in the world of magic, and Chise learns about the power and price of magic as well as the truth about her own abilities.

The manga series was adapted into a 24-episode anime television series, which aired from October 2017 to March 2018. The anime adaptation covered most of the manga’s content and it was well received by the audience.

As of my knowledge cutoff, there is no official confirmation of a second season of the anime series, Mahoutsukai no Yome. The decision to produce a new season typically depends on the popularity and financial performance of the series, as well as the availability of source material. It’s best to wait for official announcements from the creators or the production company regarding a new season.

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