Zhongguo Qi Tan

Zhongguo Qi Tan: A Journey Through Chinese Culture and History


Zhongguo Qi Tan is a Chinese anime series that premiered in April 2020. The anime is based on a popular Chinese board game called Go. The series takes viewers on a journey through Chinese culture and history, as it follows the story of a young boy, Wu Di, and his friends, as they learn to play Go and discover the secrets of the game.

Plot Overview:

The story begins with Wu Di, a talented young Go player who dreams of becoming a professional. He enrolls in a prestigious Go school, where he meets his mentor, an elderly Go master named Ye Wen. With Ye Wen’s help, Wu Di and his friends learn to play Go and begin to understand the strategic and philosophical aspects of the game.

As the story progresses, Wu Di and his friends compete in various Go tournaments, where they face off against some of the best players in China. Along the way, they learn about the rich history and culture of the game, as well as the historical events that shaped China.


Zhongguo Qi Tan features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personality and backstory. Wu Di is the main protagonist, a passionate and determined young Go player. Ye Wen is Wu Di’s mentor, a wise and experienced Go master who teaches Wu Di about the deeper aspects of the game. Other characters include Wu Di’s friends and rivals, as well as historical figures from Chinese history.

Animation and Soundtrack:

The animation in Zhongguo Qi Tan is stunning, with detailed character designs and beautiful backgrounds that bring the world of Go to life. The soundtrack features a mix of traditional Chinese music and modern instrumentals that perfectly capture the mood of the series.


In conclusion, Zhongguo Qi Tan is a unique and engaging anime that takes viewers on a journey through Chinese culture and history. The series combines the excitement of Go with the richness of Chinese history, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in either topic. Whether you’re a fan of anime or not, Zhongguo Qi Tan is a series that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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